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We are the Jenkins Family


We travel all over the nation helping our clients though as the bulk of our work is remote!  We are now based in Spring Hill, TN just south of Franklin, TN!

We specialize in professional content creation and fractional marketing services.  We rank the content we create on PAGE ONE OF GOOGLE for keywords that drive traffic to retreats, businesses who emphasize family experience, travel brands and the outdoor industry.  We also have deep ties into the design build community as we've helped custom home builders and restaurant brands.

As an owner of a video production company and creative agency, Go Explore With Us quickly turned into a business that makes an impact.

Recently, we decided to launch into hosting mens retreats and family retreats are coming soon!

We choose to do life with businesses we trust and utilize in our own lives.  Our goal is to connect other families to the outdoors, travel, and ways to do life together as a family.  Let's work together!  Text us at 7202163372 or fill out the form below!

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Interested in Meeting More dads like me?!

A new adventure is brewing in Tennessee called Valiant Voyages Overnight.  These micro retreats are designed to connect dads with other dads with one simple mission: Be a better dad than you were yesterday. 

You can find out more information here or shoot me a message if you'd like to collaborate on content or other marketing questions. 


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We help businesses who focus on family experiences first and foremost.  We also love helping people and companies who operate within the outdoor industry, travel brands, hospitality, and retreats.

Colorado Businesses 

Do you focus on family experiences?  From restaurants to enrichment activities to staycations and custom home builders in Colorado, we love connecting more families to you in an organic and natural way.

Glamping Locations & the Design Build Industry

Whether you're a custom home builder, an interior designer, architect or simply someone dreaming of starting their own glamping business, we can help with your marketing needs.

Travel Brands & The Outdoor INdustry

As we travel nationally and internationally we encounter some of the best brands with big hearts.  We simply love connecting more families to you!

Retreat Hosts & Conferences

Whether it's a family retreat or adults only, we've helped retreat hosts capture the magic of their experience.  Working with world reknowned doctors and business masterminds, we are always excited to chat about new opportunites.


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PRofessionally Creating Videos since 2010

​​My name is Dusty Jenkins and I'd love to introduce myself as a lifelong adventure friend, a dad who gives everyday his best but far from perfect, and a husband to an amazing person that helps raise our beautiful family and my all time fan since 2005! 

I started Cinepro Studios in 2010 and have been blessed to meet some amazing people throughout my career.  I continue to help businesses and people all over the world with their video and marketing goals.

I am open about my faith as it is the foundation I operate life and we have some pretty amazing stories around a miracle as well, simply ask me about it sometime. 

I believe that we should LOVE everyone and that we are not defined by our pasts.  I'm not the religious type so you won't find judgement from me.  I think you'll hear from all of my friends that I exude positivity and inclusion in everything I do and everywhere I go.

I am excited to hear about your story and always open to sharing more over a drink I'm highly addicted to... Soda Water!  I like other bevarages too, but you'll find me with the bubbles most often.

Let's chat and see how we can breathe more life into those around us!  "I just like to smile...smiling is my favorite."

- Dusty Jenkins | 7202163372

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Spring Hill, TN 37174

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